While the priorities of the industry standard brokerage firm is routed in maximum commissions, Mishkan Group’s philosophies revolve around the developer needs. Mishkan Group understands the financial and emotional toil that is invested in a development project. Mishkan Group’s mission is to preserve that investment by maximizing the potential of every inch of the property. The result of our unmatched commitment and dedication to each client property is a swift hassle free and occupancy process.

360° Approach – What It Really Means:

There are many supporting components that stand behind Mishkan Group’s ability to deliver record revenues in record time. Mishkan Group’s platform is a multi faceted resource center with broad spectrum specialties. Developers and builders have come to rely on an unmatched knowledge base from the renter / buyer demographics to precise unit layout.

Mishkan Group’s advisory services transcends renting and selling. A 360° strategy means providing guidance for the many consequential and intricate details – from the time of land purchase through the maze of planning, building and trading.

Making It Happen:

Not only does an Mishkan Group property yield above market revenues per square foot, Mishkan Group’s speed is unprecedented. While the standard brokerage company works through their bureaucratic red tape, Mishkan Group will be half way through an occupancy process. Mishkan Group’s team of expert underwriting and marketing professionals understand that timing is critical and the early delivery of a fully rented or sold property is always embraced and appreciated by the client. And while timing is of utmost priority, it will never precede the priority of quality and integrity. Mishkan Group is proud of their legacy of owning the Grade A tenant space.

Mishkan Group’s deep knowledge and connection to the current and ever changing market places the client in a better position to capitalize on every possible opportunity and avoid every unnecessary pitfall.